Perfect solution for joint pain

After the age of 30 joint pain starts naturally because of our lifestyle. So nothing to worry I have found a spray worked for me and my family members, name is DYNAPAR QPS PLUS. Try it and send your comments.

Why corona is spreading again ?

India recorded 260,000 fresh coronavirus cases last week. Because of negligence by people or something else because some people think it is a government plan to down the economy. Ok suppose the Indian government is doing these things but what about other countries they are also. Think and reply

Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Toothpaste

According to its name, we have used 2 toothpaste to make my teeth white but got zero result means still my teeth are yellow. Please send your comments.

Don't spoil the childhood of your kids

Your 7 yrs old doesn't need coding lessons to succeed in life. No investors will be fighting at your doorstep to buy his/her app. They need to go out to play a real sport with real kids, no bots on your phone. Coding is not just about syntax, it's about problem-solving. Which you never learn online. You learn it in the real world solving your day-to-day problems. So I think a 7 yrs old will be better off understanding the basic human qualities of honesty, integrity, compassion, respect, and love for all.

Benefits of Rice

Rice is an energy-giving food.